About Us

Dutton Park State School P&C Association

Welcome to the Dutton Park State School P&C association website. Learn about why we have a P&C association, what we do, how to get involved and sign up to be a member. We also have the latest information on activities the P&C are supporting, list of upcoming P&C meetings, and our online store will be updated with products and tickets for certain events throughout the year.

The P&C is all of us – the adults in our school community sharing their time, talents, passions, ideas and resources, for the benefit of all children and families…

The P&C association provides an official structure that allows parents to raise funds to support our school. Our P&C doesn’t have any employees, we are a volunteer association.

Some parents take on positions in the executive committee (we like to have two of each – Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers) but lots of parents contribute in other ways, from organising a disco or special food day, to serving coffee at Parent Hub or sorting through lost property.

P&C maintains two mailing lists – members and non-members. Both mailing lists receive emails about activities and events. Members additionally receive agendas and minutes for P&C meetings. P&C membership does not bring with it any obligation to attend meetings or participate in activities but is essential if you want to be involved in deciding how the money that we raise is spent.