P&C Membership

The P&C is all of us – the adults in this school community sharing their time, talents, passions, ideas and resources, for the benefit of all children and families. We welcome your support and involvement.

There is no obligation for P&C members to attend meetings, volunteer time or participate in activities, but membership is essential if you want to be involved in voting on any P&C decision during the year, including how the money that we raise is spent. Due to rules outside our control, you will have to complete a new membership form every year – make sure you fill it in and return it to be sure we have your current contact details.

    I want to be a member of P&C for 20221

    I want to receive information from the P&C2

    1You will receive agendas and minutes for each P&C meeting by email. You will be eligible to help determine the direction of the P&C, how we raise money and how we spend it. This form must be returned before the AGM or bring in person to any general P&C meeting during the year.
    I am a parent, caregiver, or community member (over 18 years of age) of Dutton Park State School.
    I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the P&C and by all valid resolutions passed by the Association.
    I agree to work within the boundaries of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.
    I agree to be bound by Education Queensland’s Code of Conduct, which includes the following:
    - Information obtained as a P&C member must be considered confidential and treated accordingly
    - Courtesy, respect, dignity and fairness will be observed at all times
    - Discrimination against any person will not be tolerated (refer to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991)

    2You will receive information on events and activities at the school by email. You will also receive notification (email or
    text) if items labelled with your child’s name are found in Lost Property. Your details will be retained in the P&C database as long as you have a child at this school. The P&C database is maintained by the P&C Executive Committee. Your email address and mobile number will be shared only with your Class Parent Representative. Your details will be deleted when you no longer have a child at the school. If at any time you want to add, change or remove your details from the P&C database, email pandcsecretary@duttonparkss.eq.edu.au.