P&C Membership

The P&C is all of us – the adults in this school community sharing their time, talents, passions, ideas and resources, for the benefit of all children and families. We welcome your support and involvement.

Why do we have a P&C Association?

The P&C Association is the official structure that enables parents to run services such as Uniform Shop and raise funds to support the education of our children. Our P&C doesn’t have any employees, we are a volunteer association.

The DPSS P&C works to support out school to provide the best quality education for our kids. This includes leading advocacy, fundraising and parent input to the school. We invest in school programs with funds raised through grants and fundraising activity.

Why join the P&C?

There is a lot that happens at school, and joining the P&C is a great way to understand how the school works, and to keep up to date on the myriad of activities that happen onsite. It’s also a great way to get involved in your community.

You can get involved as much or as little as you like! Parents and carers contribute in many ways, from organising a disco, special food day, disco or movie night, to working in the uniform shop, covering books in the library, getting involved with the gardening club, or helping to reunite families with lost property.

There is no obligation for P&C members to attend meetings, volunteer time or participate in activities, but membership is essential if you want to be involved in any P&C decisions during the year, including how the money we all raise is spent. Due to rules outside our control, we all have to complete a new membership form every year – make sure you fill in the form below (or scan and email us the paper form) to be sure we have your current contact details.

Privacy Policy

Your details will be retained in the P&C database as long as you have a child at this school. The P&C database is maintained by the P&C Executive Committee. Your email address and mobile number will be shared only with your Class Parent Representative. Your details will be deleted when you no longer have a child at the school. If at any time you want to add, change or remove your details from the P&C database, email pandcsecretary@duttonparkss.eq.edu.au